I’d like to easily test window decoration in Wayland, which requires restarting kwin_wayland. Unfortunately we can’t do that as kwin_wayland is the login session.

The KDE Neon Developer/Unstable ISO currently boots into a default user by default, skipping the SDDM login screen. We can’t logout, or switch user as it will automatically login to the default user again.

I figured there’s probably a SDDM config file to control which Desktop Environment a user logs into, and I was right. The Arch wiki documented the autologin configuration, though for Neon (an Ubuntu derivative), the config file was at /etc/sddm.conf.

Open it up with sudoedit /etc/sddm.conf (default editor is nano) to find:



ls /usr/share/wayland-sessions finds plasmawayland.desktop. So just edit Session=plasma.desktop to Session=plasmawayland.desktop and save it.

Finally logout of the user. It should automatically relog into a wayland session.

Next up is figuring out if I can test wayland in a window the same way the Neon Docker project does. The neondocker.rb uses Xephyr to create a windowed x11 server.