The Yakuake terminal is installed by default on some ditros. It’s basically a fancy dropdown terminal with a global shortcut that will hide when it loses focus.

There are a few mods I apply to it to make it and Konsole look better.

1. Use a skin with a thin/hidden titlebar.

I personally use a skin I made based on Sublime Text 3 called Soda Dark.

2. DarkSolarized color scheme.

  • Save this DarkSolarized.colorscheme to ~/.local/share/konsole/DarkSolarized.colorscheme
  • Right click Yakuake > Edit Current Profile > Appearance and select DarkSolarized.

3. Apply color scheme to the scrollbar

This also colors the scrollbar + tabs in Konsole.

  • Paste this into ~/.config/konsolerc and ~/.config/yakuakerc
  • Restart yakuake killall yakuake; kstart5 yakuake

4. Change the $PS1

I prefer having the current directory on a different line than the command input.

So add this to your ~/.bashrc.


# \e     an ASCII escape character (033)
# \]     end a sequence of non-printing characters
# \s     the  name  of  the shell, the basename of $0
#        (the portion following the final slash)
# \a     an ASCII bell character (07)
# \n     newline
# \[     begin a sequence of non-printing characters,
#        which could be used to embed a terminal
#        con­trol sequence into the prompt
# \w     the current working directory
# \e[1      bold
# \e[4Xm    set background color X (0-7)
# \e[3Xm    set text color X (0-7)
# \e[m      reset text attributes
function __git_stuff {
  if [ -n "$(git rev-parse --git-dir 2>/dev/null)" ]; then
    local __a=`git name-rev --name-only @`
    echo "($__a) "
PS1_a='\e];\s\a\n'                # Cleanup?
PS1_b='\e[1m\e[36m$(__git_stuff)' # Git
PS1_c='\e[31m\w'                  # Working Dir
PS1_d='\e[m\n$ '                  # Prompt (on new line)

5. Popup from the bottom.

  • Disable animations (duration = 0ms).
  • Width: 100%
  • Height: 70%
  • Use a KWin Rule to position at the bottom.
    • Position: Force 0,315
      1080 pixel height screen - 30px bottom panel = 1050px
      100% - 70% screen height = 30%
      1050px * 0.3 = 315px

6. Add “Open Yakuake Here” right click action to Dolphin (the file manager).

Note: This was based off the KDE3 Service menu on the KDE Store.

Create the /usr/local/bin/yakuakehere command.

sudo touch /usr/local/bin/yakuakehere
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/yakuakehere
SUDO_EDITOR=kate sudoedit /usr/local/bin/yakuakehere

with the contents:


if [ "$1" != "" ]; then
    command="cd ""'"$1"'"
    command="cd ""'"$PWD"'"

qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/sessions addSession
qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/sessions runCommand "$command"
qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/sessions runCommand "clear"
qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/window toggleWindowState

then create: ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/YakuakeHere.desktop

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/
touch ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/YakuakeHere.desktop

with the contents:

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action OpenYakuake]
Exec=yakuakehere %f
Name=Open Yakuake Here
Comment=Opens a new tab in Yakuake at the current folder

then finally run kbuildsycoca5 to apply the changes.

7. Make shortcuts similiar to the web browser

  • Close Session: Ctrl+W
  • New Session: Ctrl+T
  • Next Session: Ctrl+Tab
  • Previous Session: Ctrl+Shift+Tab

I also set the global shortcut to toggle Yakuake to be Meta+` (the backtick underneath ~).