For those unaware, KDE ships it’s own Weather Widget. The weather service parsers are a Plasma DataEngine shipped in plasma-workspace while the actual visual widget is in the kdeplasma-addons git repo. Kubuntu breaks up that repo up into several packages however, so you’ll need to install plasma-widgets-addons.

sudo apt install plasma-widgets-addons # Kubuntu / KDE Neon

In the past few versions of Plasma, there’s been several changes to the official KDE weather widget shipped in the kdeplasma-addons repository.

  • Rewritten config to use Kirigami + QtQuick.Controls 2.0.
  • Updated city selector to be easier to use, searching after a key is pressed rather than requiring pressing Enter.

In Plasma 5.24, the city selector was changed again to drop the need to select which weather service (noaa, envcan, wettercom, bbcukmet) before searching for the city. This makes it easier to setup. It removed the private ServiceListModel class with an even more private plasmoid.nativeInterface.providers variable. plasmoid.nativeInterface can only be used by the official widget with the id so forked widgets cannot use it.

Alas, since I was using the private ServiceListModel class, I needed to update my 3 weather widgets (Condensed Weather, Daily Forecast, Simple Weather) which fork the upstream widget.

Luckily the weather DataEngine has a['ions'] property which we can use instead. Install plasma-sdk then launch the “Plasma Engine Explorer” app to see. Select the “weather” dataengine in the dropdown, and you’ll see the ions property.

It looks like there was also another weather service added in Plasma 5.24, the German Weather Service (dwd).

So to replace ServiceListModel, I wrote the following:

// Use weather dataengine to list weather providers instead of plasmoid.nativeInterface.providers
property alias providers: weatherDataSource.ionServiceList
readonly property bool hasProviders: providers.length > 0
property var weatherDataSource: PlasmaCore.DataSource {
	id: weatherDataSource
	engine: "weather"
	connectedSources: ['ions']

	// {"bbcukmet":"BBC Weather|bbcukmet","envcan":"Environment Canada|envcan","noaa":"NOAA's National Weather Service|noaa","wettercom":"|wettercom"}
	readonly property var ions: data['ions']
	readonly property var ionServiceList: ions ? Object.keys(ions) : []
	// onIonsChanged: console.log('ions', JSON.stringify(ions))
	// onIonServiceListChanged: console.log('ionServiceList', JSON.stringify(ionServiceList))

The default KDE weather widget heavily uses plasmoid.nativeInterface for configuration as well, so I can’t recommend forking it. If you want to create your own weather widget, I recommend using my libweather QML files, or forking one of my widgets.